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Intelligent Capture for EDI Invoices

Many organizations that have implemented Lexmark's Intelligent Capture Accounts Payable (AP) solution for paper and email invoices also receive invoices from vendors via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) which they import directly into their ERP system without first being processed through the Intelligent Capture AP process.

Intelligent Capture for AP Statements


ICE Blue Solutions will soon offer a solution to automate the process of researching and responding to vendor statements.  If your organization is plagued with an endless barrage of statements and invoice status requests from your vendors, contact us today to find out how we can implement this solution and reduce the time and effort it takes to respond to these requests while greatly improving the speed and accuracy of the information provided.

Notifications, Alerts, and Reports

ICE Blue Solutions has developed and implemented a wide variety of automated notifications and alerts that turn the daily drudgery of manually monitoring system status and log files into simple and reliable exception management. 

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