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Many organizations that have implemented Lexmark's Intelligent Capture Accounts Payable (AP) solution for paper and email invoices also receive invoices from vendors via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) which they import directly into their ERP system without first being processed through the Intelligent Capture AP process.  Although they do not require OCR data extraction, they fail to gain the other benefits of the Intelligent Capture process thereby resulting in numerous issues such as...


  • Lack of invoice data validation prior to import into ERP

  • Difficulty troubleshooting EDI file issues

  • Poor communication/reconciliation with vendors for invalid EDI data

  • No human-readable invoice image in ERP

  • EDI invoice data/image not available to users via Visibility reporting


ICE Blue has a solution that fills this gap and enables your EDI invoices to process through your Intelligent Capture AP solution without affecting your OCR page count license. Our Intelligent Capture EDI solution preprocesses 810 invoice files from your vendors then sends a human-readable version of them to your existing AP solution...


  • Download and import 810 invoice file from EDI hub/exchange

  • Parse EDI 810 file and store invoice data

  • Validate the invoice data (ANSI X12 spec, amts balance, PO lookup)

  • If valid, create rendered invoice from data with PDF template

  • If invalid, send rejection email to AP team with 810 file attached

  • Create and upload 997 ACK file to EDI hub/exchange


When these EDI invoices are then imported into the Intelligent Capture AP solution they bypass the OCR step and instead the header and line data are populated with the information parsed from the EDI file. Normal supplier lookup and invoice field validation business logic are performed against the invoice and those that are identified as invalid are stopped for user verification before being exported to the workflow or ERP system.


Our Intelligent Capture EDI solution also includes Visibility reports that provide valuable management and reconciliation information to further improve your EDI invoice processing.


  • EDI Invoice Status Report

  • EDI Invoices Accepted Not in Intelligent Capture

  • EDI Invoices Rejected Not Resubmitted by Vendor



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