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ICE Blue Solutions has developed and implemented a wide variety of automated notifications and alerts that turn the daily drudgery of manually monitoring system status and log files into simple and reliable exception management.  These utilities regularly monitor the status of critical components of your Intelligent Capture system and send out notification and alert email messages to the appropriate staff automatically when a problem arises.  Some examples include...


  • Monitor Reference Data Files Exported from ERP

  • Monitor Scanned Invoice Image Folders for Stuck Files

  • Monitor Emailed Invoice Image Folder for Stuck or Bad Files

  • Monitor Invoice Data Files Imported to ERP

  • Daily Clean-up of Temp and Log Files Older Than xx Days


Additionally, we have developed and implemented numerous reports that can assist in the successful management and operation of the critical business processes associated with your Intelligent Capture solution.  These reports supplement out-of-the-box reports by integrating data from Intelligent Capture, workflow, and ERP system databases and can be scheduled to automatically run and be emailed to the appropriate staff on a regular basis and/or run manually as needed.  Some examples include...


  • Weekly Verifier AP Staff Productivity Summary Report

  • Weekly Workflow AP Staff Productivity Summary Reports 

  • Weekly Emailed Invoices Reconciliation Reports 

  • Invoice Status and Payment Reports

  • Invoice Reconciliation Reports


We can review your current operations and administration process, assess your needs, and implement the appropriate notifications, alerts, and reports to ensure that your Intelligent Capture solution runs smoothly and efficiently.

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